Saturday, March 14, 2015

10 de Febrero

Happy valentines day before i forget.  actually, i dont know if they celebrate it here in chile because i totally forgot about it until i read my emails today.  Anyways, this week was good.  Pabla continues to be super happy =D.  It makes me happy. We visit her lots because we are teaching the lessons to her again and all, and she always does one of the prayers.  She always prays that her family will understand her decision to be baptized-because she feels happy!  and she wants them to understand.  
we had a total miracle this week.  my companion and i have been trying to get her a disc of the book of mormon on cd so that she can listen. we realized that it would probably need to have multiple discs, as the book of mormon is 642 pages.  we tried doing it, and i have no idea how, but somehow, all the book of mormon ended up on that disc for pabla!  seriously a miracle. it didnt even copy past 2 nefi. but we checked and every book is on there, every chapter! so she has been listening and absolutely LOVES it! 
we also watched the nefi and the brass plates cartoon with her.  i know that they liked it, but i was trying not to crack up at certain parts of the movie.  for example,"you cheated nefi..." or labans laugh, or "i wish we all just would have stayed home!" or matts voice saying,"im gonna pull your hair nefi!" lol.  inside jokes there...loveeeee the living animated scriptures. 
ok yesterday in church. ANOTHER GREAT DAY! we had 55 people in church. i twas literally a miracle.  we taught a less active sister about the sacrament last week and this week she came!  plus, we have been visiting  a mom and her daughter who were inactive for a time, but now are trying to return and are participating, reading the book of mormon, stopping smoking, and everything!  we are good friends.  (they like bob marley, mountains, sarcastic).  its so cool to see how much our branch is growing.  plus! we have order in our branch!  relief society president, counselor, and the relief society was full yesterday i could hardly believe it!!! such miracles here in salamanca!!
we made banana bread this week. i forgot how good that stuff is. yummmm. we gave some to members and they thought it was delish as well. 
we pulled a prank on the elders this week.  we found an bottle that still had the tag "orange juice" and we found some orange juice int he fridge.  i pulled out an old hanks family reunion tradition and we mixed in some other stuff...hotsauce, salt, vinegar, the usual. then we gave it to the elders.  
  hahahaha. half our later, they call us asking what in the heck happened. we were laughing so hard! what made it funnier was that our branch president tried some as well. he said,"intervfiews with me tomorrow hermanas." that shut us up. but the next day he told us he thought the joke was great and we all laughed it off! hahahahaha.  shennanigans. 
that pretty much sums up this week. 
it was so weird! its getting cold at night. i used this weird article of clothing called a sweatshirt this week.  and it was super foggy and cold this morning.  could hardly believe it. 
we still are in the same apartment....buttttt working on that! all is well. 
love you!

hermana emily hanks

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