Sunday, March 15, 2015

23 de Junio

Hows is going? 
this week was great. basically, natalia our investigator is awesome! shes a golden investigator and more. her major is cooking, so she always cooks us something delicious.  i already feel like shes like a sister to me! she passed her baptismal interview on friday and is going to get baptized this saturday. 
LUIS. alright. luis luis luis. the wife of luis took off the order in his house that is impeding him to get baptized.  now he lives in his house legally! the thing is, we need a document. so he will go today to get proof on a certificate that everything is legal. on saturday, he passed his interview as well. his prayers are the cutest thing ever-an almost 60 year old man humbling himself before God, is something really amazing, really showing that to be born again is literally being born again spiritually. anyways, every once in a while, luis has his "zeezrom days." where he wants to give up and not commit. they dont happen very often, but it happened the day after his interview. we were walking and we saw him walking his dog. we talked to him. he was excited for his baptism. 45 minutes later, we get a call saying that luis is at the stake center looking for us because he doesnt want to continue. well, we talked to him and he was just having a bad day. like i said, a zeezrom day. but all is good, hes psyched and wants to get baptized this saturday!
world cup. its crazy down here!  its hilarious because EVERYONE is jumping up and down with excitement. even the women are screaming andshouting. their hearts are strongly with their soccer. anyways, we were walking on the avenue near the beach and a billion cars came out hoking their horns,"chi chi chi le le le, viva chile!" a million times.  a few folks looked thru their windows and said in their latino accents,"united states! united states!" lol. we just kinda cheered. 
to get more investigators to church, we made breakfast and brought it to the church.  it was kinda last minute, and only beatriz and patricio and natalia could come. but, nonetheless, we are going to announce it more in advance this week.  
I finally finished Jesus the Christ. mind blown! i wanna read it again now. im busy reading the book of mormon again.  now in helaman with all the secret combinations. interesting reads about the contrast between the good and the evil. 
well that pretty much sums this week. i hope you like the pictures because i sent a lot...and its probably the last load youll get before august. 
the time is just flying by! its not even funny...only 8 more emails in my mission to write home. craziness.  
oh yeah-the ward pianist moved! so i am back at the keys. and sooo dang excited! note to future missionaries-people love you if you play the piano...haha. so take advantage. 
love you all!

hermana hanks

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