Saturday, March 14, 2015

28 de Abril

this week was good!  each week just flies by its not even funny!  
well we had transfers this week. hermana weist and i are staying here together one more transfer.  should be fun!  
well this week was sufficiently less dramatic than the last.  we are trying to find new investigators and decided to knock doors one afternoon.  we were without much success. nobody really answered or was home.  we saw a dog that started barking at us in front of one house and we almost didnt contact it, but then a lady walked up.  we introduced ourselves as misionaries and all and asked if we could share something.  she looked at her daughter and they let us in.  so we went in and had a super awesome lesson!  they totally want to know which of all the churches is the correct church.  we came back the next day and taught the restoration.  they all accepted baptismal dates! hooray.  luckily our ward is pretty big so we want to get them involved with them and stuff. they are awesome.  the moms name is isabel and her two daughters, camila and cecila. 
luis is good.  he came to church yesterday, even though we didnt see him this whole week. still kind of complicated!  
we arent in training anymore, so we proselyte for all the hours of the day.  we leave at 11 in the morning instead of 1230.  our first day out, we almost met the standards of excellence of the mission! minus one lesson and one reference.  it was a great day!  we could feel the spirit strong in the lessons and it was so awesome.  im working to try and be a better teacher, ask more questions inspired and share more experiences of my own.  
ok so i just realized that my english is probably HORRIBLE in this letter. i apologize...hahaha.  
ooo! daylight savings. in chile! nobody told us. so we arrived an hour early in the chapel with the other hermanas in our ward.  we were all super happy! lol. it was all good.  
well. love you all! excited to talk to you in 2 weeks. 

-hermana hanks

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