Saturday, March 14, 2015

31 de Marzo

como estan?
we didnt get to watch the conference with all the women. we are going to watch it this saturday before the other sessions. but we will be watching it live! im psyched.  general conference is seriously the best!!!
its been a cool week.  we exercised the faith and found 8 new investigators!  and whats better is that 5 of them are in the same family!!  we were so overjoyed this night.  our district has been having trouble finding people to teach.  
we havent seen any spiders this week.  we have also had a nice bunch of ants crawling here and there, but we sprayed the heck out of our house and cleaned it a ton and havent seen any of our little friends this week. 
la serena is really pretty.  it is sooo dang different that salamanca.  its a big adjustment, but its coming along. 
we have conference with president kahnlein this week and im super stoked!
we experienced a few miracles.  first of all, one day all our appointments fell thru. the day before we had only contacted and did 50 contacts. it was exciting, but we really wanted to find new investigators this week.  we werent really sure where to go, so obviously, we said a prayer.  we went to go see one of our future investigators, and on the way, we saw a lady sitting outside with her kid.  we talked to her and she invited us in.  seriously a miracle here...then she gave us homemade donuts, chocolate, and fruit.  we left and i almost started crying....She was so nice!! hahaha.  it was a rough day. 
another miracle-apart from finding a family-they are 9 in their family. 9!!! can you believe that?but we only taught 5 of them. we have another appointment tomorrow. 
anyways we invited them to church. they live a bit far and didnt answer their fones, so w booked it up the hill to here they live and nothing! (so you see where im going with this? lol best two years...) anyways, we were going to be super late to church, but luckily, one of the members passed by as we were running our socks off, and drove us to church. miracle!
finally, we put a baptism date with our investigator pablo. hes awesome! pray that he gets baptized 20 de abril!
yesterday in church, we sang "conmigo quedate senor." favorite hymn. i thinhk God was feeling pretty merciful to me this week. 
FINALLY! oh my gosh. i have 60 pages to finish in the book of mormon today.  the book of mormon has blown my mind. like everything is mkaing sense and ive learned so much. the last three books are so dang sad, but i love moroni and mormon!! love them!!! 
love you all. 

-hermana emily hanks

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