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13 de Enero

13 de Enero 2013
Que mas.
well what happened this week.  the fires have settled down.  we arent realyl sure how they started...
we have church at 10am. its practically universal for chile because each ward has their own building.  but its mostly because there arent as many members.  if you tell somebody that in the states we have 3 wards in the same building, they are very surprised.  we are 4 hours ahead, so we are already finished with church by the time yall head for church. 10 am and 11 am is the best.
transfers are in 2 weeks! can you believe it? my time in salamanca has flown by like crazy i cant believe it.  almost the end of my third transfer.  i remember coming to salamanca and thinking,"wow. when i leave salamanca i will probably be able to speak spanish and will be on the last 3rd of my mission." flip not cool! 
i gave your aprons to hermana kennita-one of the hermanas in our branch who is like my mom, and hermana calderon, my other mom.  
well we taught a TON of lessons this week.  it was super great.  the only thing was, nobody went to church again. we will remind these people the night before and the next morning, we call them saying we are in front of their house to bring them to church and they say they are traveling to the north or in la serena or something.  
definitely trials of faith with us here in salamanca. but we have to learn to grow from these things.  
we can find lots of new investigators, but its the progresion that is dificult here. 
ive been learning a lot this week-how real the power of God is, even if at times Satan tries to do all he can. its true, satan never rests, but his power is nothing compared to Gods power.  
the relief society president is good. =) we even have two new counselors called!  im still rejoicing over this fact. 
favian and his family were dificult to find in their houses this week.  we finalyl found them and watched the restoration movie with them.  Javier liked it a lot,(the uncle) and afterwards we cracked down about the importance of reading and praying.  
scriptures are the key.
in the zone conference, it was literally an answer to my prayer! we heard a great talk by elder holland.  it talked about us as missionaries and how great the need to use the atonement is inour lives as missionaries.  it was super powerful.  i learned a lot this week that i just need to keep praying that my faith will increase and look for the good of each day, the miracles that God blesses us with.  sometimes its super easy to complain, but its exactly what satan wants us to do.  he looks for ways to make us feel awful and without hope.  
also in the zone conference, i remembered how i really am not all that tall.  the elders in salamanca are literally hobbits next to the tall americans. hahahaha. love salamanca!
i read a scripture in mosiah 24.13-14. it brought me so much comfort-the Lord doesnt forget about his children. he doesnt forget about our investigators, less actives, and doesnt forget about his missionaries.  i know i have to be patient, but also mindful. 
i got grandmas card! thanks. both grandmas. 
love you all!

-hermana emily hanks

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