Sunday, March 15, 2015

11 de Agosto

so the mish is THE BEST.  we have seen tantos milagros his week.  so much change too! lots of investigators and less actives in church ayer and the members more active are super excited about stuff now. they are smiling, lauging, and really, i think its th change of ward, and the efforts they are making to read the scripitures each day and go to church each week.  there is a change of spirit. its so loving.  i was thinking, it is literally "SION."  coquimbo was a stake 15 years ago, but stooped down to district aftewards.  may coquimbo forever more stay stake!  we recieved lots of references from members this week as well! we are so blessed.  i love these folks so much. they are my family, my people.  we were in a lesson with a less active receinte reactivating. i felt like the only thiing i wanted for her was that she was happy and smiling.  
my companion is great! we are great friends.  im sad we only have one transfer. we have both stooped to the "treats" level.  doing nice stuff for the members, notes, food, anything that will get them excited. (mom will never belive me! ha) and its working too i think!  
investigators are good. mariella is trying to quit smoking.  a member gave us a plan that he used all th time in the mish. she has lots of friends in church now too.  she got a blessing and we really want to baptize her before i leave!
we are teaching a guy from argentina. hes really cool and really has an attitude of charity. hes very proper and rich, and kinda preppy. hes awesome! and he read the book of mormon and said he felt the part we marked really hit him.  alma 42. o yeah. 
marisol is great. we taught her the law of chasity and she looked up,"well im not sexually pure, so how can i get baptized like Christ did'"  we explained she can get married or separated and repentence. she said her bf is signing divorce papers and she is going to talk to him.  she is seriously the cutest lil lady ever.  she loves the church too!
so it was a great week.  the Lord is just dumping out blessins here!
aight. see yall in 2ish weeks. its flyin.

-hermana hanks

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