Sunday, March 15, 2015

26 de Mayo

this week was good.  there are some really great things happening right now. for starters, we are teaching a girlfriend of a less active member. she is super receptive.  we taught them one time, and then we came back and they said that they are reading the book of mormon together.  they were already in 1 nefi 7!!! i was trying so hard not to freak her out with my smile of happiness. hahaha. she also said one night she was trying to sleep and couldnt. she looked at the book of mormon and something was telling her she should read it. so she read it, and at the end of the chapter where it said, "orar" or "to pray", she said she prayed and felt calm and could fall asleep after that.  she is so awesome!!!
we also have another investigator named linda.  shes 17 years old and iis super evangelical.  i dont remember if i told you, but she claims to speak in the gift of tongues. it was a little bit weird this story, but ill save you all the details.  anyways, the first time she was kinda closed off, but said we could return. we came back and talked about the restauration.  she had a billion questions that were super deep, but it was so much fun. i really do  like investigators with lots of questions because its so interesting!  its so incredibly vital to follow the spirit and answer with truths that you know are true.  i was reading in alma about the sons of mosiah and i love that they start with simple questions and teach simple truths. 
our investigator lives right on the coast. its so exciting. we have to walk about an hour to get there, but its cool because we get to smell the salty air and see the coast of coquimbo.  we can only go there if there is an investigator there.  alli esta. 
our ward is pretty much suffering. we still dont have a bishop and its been 4 months.  the members are getting really discouraged and we are in a very critical time.  ive been trying to pray a lot. we have started by trying to visit members each day, more than we have been, and we will be fasting and praying lots. 
i really love these people here. ive been praying lots to know what to do for them.  its really a trial for this ward, and this area, but its for something!  
i was reading in Jesus the Christ this week, about the Saviors entrance in Jerusalem, witht he palm leaves and He rode in there, the week before His resurrection.  it really touched me, knowing that the Savior felt sad-His people rejected Him, and he really did do everything out of love for others, and mercy.  right before the biggest event that has probably happened in all the history of the world.  i felt really strongly the love the Savior, giving me the greater desire to love others the same way.
well that sums it up for this week.  love you all and i love my Savior Jesus Christ. 

-Hermana hanks

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