Saturday, March 14, 2015

9 de Marzo

Hola transfer number 9.  Can you believe that??? 3 more transfers after this one. boo!
Que tal.   Life is good here in salamancers.  its a little bit cooler today. THERE ARE CLOUDS in the sky. i could hardly believe it!  still in the end of the night, we come home, sweaty and exhausted, but we have had a few cool nights.  Luckily, the summer has passed and we are moving into fall. 
yesterday, not quite as many came to church, unfortunately, but better than usual still.  the thing is there are so many people to visit in each week. 
I was reading in the book of alma this week. i freaking love alma!  alma 31 when it talks about the great need to help the zoramites be converted-gave me lots of excitement for the work.  i kind of related it to my situation here-how there are millions of inactives-if all were active we could have 2 stakes here.  and how great of the importance it is to bring them to the Lord once more.  A lot of people dont understand well the reason why we do things-why we go to church, read the scriptures, keep the commandments. it all has its doctrine and it all makes sense!  its for our benefit. (for some reason i am having troubles translating my words today.)
hermana martinez and i were working one day, and about 10 people asked us if we felt the temblor-mini earthquakes they have here.  nooooo we did not.  apparently it was super big and went for about a minute. everybody was talking about it. hahaha. we would be in trouble if there is a big earthquake!  we were in church yesterday and i felt the floor shake-as if someone was kicking my chair. crazy temblores. 
our mission is reading hte book of mormon 4 times this year. its pretty sweet! i invite all of you to read the book of mormon-at least 3 times this year.  we have to finish by march and i am in alma 40. shooot. well better get on that! 
we couldnt get ahold of cristobal this week =( so baptism, but next week hopefully!
transfer calls tomorrow. we will see what happens...=(
i have a great love for salamanca....
love you all!

-hermana hanks 

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