Saturday, March 14, 2015

27 de Enero

Hola familia!!!!
This was week was a rollercoaster if i ever saw one.  but ended up being so good in the end!!!  our investigator Paola came to church again yesterday!  weve taught almost everything, and if all goes well, she will have her baptismal interview tomorrow.  
It gave us quite a scare.  one of her friends fell sick and she was caring for her friend each day this week.  boo satanas.  We passed by everyday this week to find her, leaving notes, calling, and we only got to speak to her once.  finally on saturday, we found her in her house making "humitas" which are like tamales.  POR FIN.  She said she still wants to be baptized.  She wasnt sure if she would be able to make it to the church yesterday, but we told her to come at least for sacrament meeting and do all she can to come. then we prayed a lot and fasted this week and she came!!!! it was another miracle week.  if all goes well, we will have a baptism next week. 
it was so great. usually on sundays we go pick up jordan and go to church together with him. on the way, we saw hermana bernardita-a member who lives close to paola, urbano, and who was following them? PAOLA! ah such joy. at last!!! 
sacrament meeting was full yesterday too! weve been helping some less actives come back and it is super cool.  they came to church yesterday! her name is irene and her daughters name is francisca.  its awesome because they have the desire to act.  we left them 3 nefi 11 to read the other day and they read! irene said she started to cry after reading it.  she also said shes stopped smoking!  atta girl that irene.
truly many miracles this week. minus one thing. pastel de choclo. 
this time of the year, chileans like to eat a popular dish named pastel de choclo.  what is this mystery you may ask?  it pretty much consists of corn, lots of sugar, meat, and olives. not a fan.  it is super heavy on the stomach and working in the hot sun??? oh man. not joy!  but its ok! the rest of the chilean food is pretty good. 
oh! ok crazy! i mark 11 months in the mission today!  i cant believe it.  
we have a gospel doctrine teach in our ward who is a freaking boss!  he is probably the best teacher ever. he taught the fall yesterday and we all left with our minds blown. 
well that pretty much sums up my week!  i hope all is well with the snow. that is flipping crazy because that is not what i am seeing outside of the window of the internet ciber.  
the gospel is the best thing ever! i love reading stuff that blows my mind.  i was reading the gospel principles book and it is so interesting to just sit and read.  im so happy to have the gospel in my life!
and on that note...satan is a poopbag. avoid him like the plague....loser....
i love you all! 
and hurrah for israel!

-hermana emily hanks

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