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6 de Enero 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo!
thats crazy to think you are all suffering the cold. one member told us that the usa is freezing with lots of snow.  
for new years.  we went to a members house and ate dinner.  barbeque!  i have decided i enjoy chilean barbeques more than usa bbqs.  it consists of veggies, choripan-which is chorizo with bread and hotsauce, meat, and rice or potatoes.  luckily its only a special occasion kind of thing.  
then we went to our apartment and watched the fireworks from our window and it was good.  yay new years!
ok...piece of good news.  a miracle has occurred in our branch.  we have....a RELIEF SOCIETY PRESIDENT!!!!! there hasnt been once since september.  since then, nobody really wanted to do it because sometimes theres problems here, but man i am so happy!  i know our new president with will be amazing!!  plus it will help because we are teachign lots of women, and always helps to have more order in the church right?? seriously a miracle here! 
dang. ok on thursday, about 4 fires started near salamanca. one was right close in our area.  there was ash everywhere and it smelled like camping and smoke was all over.  crazy right?  luckily we found refuge in the chapel because we had our coordination meeting with the elders and our ward mission leader.  i sent pictures. 
yesterday at church, we had 50 people there! it helps that right now is vacations and new years and all, but still, its practically a record for salamanca!  ok maybe for  this year. 2 less actives from our area came! and one even bore her testimiony. then we finally got an investigator to church as well! unfortunately, alfredo didnt make it =(, but we have a new little investigator named Favian. Favian is 11 years old and likes to play soccer with all of us on pday.  love Favian!  he reads with his grandma, paola, another investigator, the book fo mormon and they are praying.  Paola cant read.  we are also teachign his uncle javier, but hes a little bit more stubborn. hes extremely smart and loves to read which is AWESOME! he totally feels the spirit too, but he also has lots of doubts.  the good thing is, they know some members as well, so that will be super good for them. 
we fasted this week to know whom of all the investigators we need to focus on to get them baptized in january. we have an idea of who it might be.  
also, cristina!  cristina is awesome.  our colombian investigator.  we are going to bring lots of members with her.  shes progressing little by little. when we taught her with one of our members, she said the prayer, asking to know if the bok of mormon was true and all. AHH im so excited!  i love her!
to wrap it up, i almost got killed by a dog. it was terrifying!  we were "alo"´-ing the door of an investigator, when we heard a huge noise in the gates next door. it sounded like a bear fight. we saw two huge bear dogs wrestling like crazy and biting.  they both hopped over the fence that protected us from them, continuing to fight.  i kinda panicked for my life, thinking they were coming for us next. there wasnt much time to think except for,"God help us." luckily enough, the two dogs took off running in the other direction. oh man. hahaha. terrifying this was. 
well this week i can say that i have a testimony of fasting.  we have seen many miracles this week and i feel extremely blessed! ive also realized the importance of being firm with our relationship with God at all times, adn not only the times when we are in need or are having problems.  ive seen it with lots of people here, and to be honest, i am even guilty of doing it, but we always need to take the time for God in our lives and put him first and all will work out!  
ok. new testament? im a big fan.  matthew 12.  also the acts with all the missionary stories. dang the gospel is the BEST!!! im so excited i have this time to learn so much!!! ahhh but i have so much more to learn!!!
the language is going well at least. i love having latina companions because i can finally say mostly what i want in spanish.  and now, the people we contact in the street no longer say to my compaion,"she doesnt understand very well?" lol. thats a plus. 
my companions name is hermana martinez, from buenas aires. totally forgot to introduce her on camera on christmas....whoops.  hermana bravo went to quilpue.  its more inland, closer to vina.  im in the north interior.  
mitchel looks like chloe =D
tell aunt kathy hi and that i love her lots!  i hope all goes well with Jordans wedding!  tell everyone hi!  
you should totally send beef jerky. us americans have converted many latinos to this great wonder.  maybe fruit snacks or something. ooo pictures of nauvoo too! and anything that could be a good object lesson. ask jenn! she said she had ideas.   

and flip! halfway thru transfer is this wednesday.

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