Sunday, March 15, 2015

30 de Junio

We had a baptism!!! yayyy. natalia got baptized on saturday and confirmed on sunday. shes seriously great.  shes so psyched about the gospel and loveees to learn.  the baptism went great!
it was funny-we had a priest from our ward baptize her-to get him psyched for his mission. or as the ym president puts it,"baptism fire!" hes putting in his papers for his mission.  lil practice anyways, hes not super stronger and was nervous (natalias a cutie =) ) haha. but anyways, she went in the water, fully submerged, and came out. then they werent quite balanced, and we see jonathan lose his grip a little bit and they both start falling forwards in the water. poor thing! hermana weist and i ran to the bathroom, nervous that she might be super embarassed, but she was changing and laughing happily, "hermanas! me cai!" or to say,"hermanas, i fell!" and as we were leaving to see the baptism of the other hermanas, we hear,"ese es el dia mas feliz de mi vida!" to translate,"this is the happiest day of my life!"  I LOVE HER! weve made a goal that she should go do baptisms for the dead in the temple when i go to the temple in august.  her  mom and sister went to the baptism and we learned that they are also very receptive, although claim to not have much interest.  we wanted the baptism to be special, and we knew we succeeded when her mom afterwards said,"it surprised me! very beautiful the ceremony. " i sang "abide with me tis eventide" with a member because its natalias favorite song and we didnt ahve a piano in the room.  
thats sweet you did the triathlon mom! i was actually telling my companion the other day someday i want to do one. way to go!
im finishing reading the book of mormon.  we are marking it in a certain way. my companion got super sick this week with a high fever, so i got caught up a little bit.  miracle of the week! my companion was super sick for a week and i never got sick. thank goodness. lets hope it stays that way....i do not want to be sick my last transfer oft he mish. 
life is good in la serena.  we are starting to see changes in this ward-a little bit more love. luis our investigator-finally people are starting to sit by him! and not as many people sit alone.  we are seeing miracles! 
it doesnt seem like my ttime as a missionary is winding down-i definitely dont feel like it, and i know i have to take advantage of every minute i get because the end is sneaking up on me.  
another thing-chile is out of the world cup. sad day!
its seriously very cold here! but luckily natalias mom gave us a water pillow to use at night that keeps us a little warmer.  
have a good week!

hermana emily hanks

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