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25 de Noviembre 2013

25 noviembre 2014
Another week has flown by.  Crazy!  I dont have much time so i will make this letter a little quick.
Anyways, little facts about Chile.  We had a trash strike here. For like practically a month! lots of trash with the nice hot sun.  oh you can only imagine it smelled...well quite awful. haha. but luckily, its over now, so we can breathe. Yay!
Wheeeewwww. where dew i begin?  Well, for starters, IM SO INCREDIBLY PSYCHED. for the christmas devotional!  ok missionary nerd here! but seriously. so psyched. 
Christmas season in salamanca.  My first Christmas away from Colorado, with warm weather.  I love listening to Christmas music nonetheless!  Enjoy home alone for me this year. thats probably the movie i will miss the most watching. lol.  (kevins not here...kevins not here...KEVIN!) well. more like "emilys not here" in your case.  
The thing to remember is that as missionaries, we are here serving the Lord on His errand!  the best Christmas present I coudl give Him.  
Cool miracles for the week.  Carolina at church last week got a blessing from the elders.  she has some health problems.  we saw her later and she was walking fine and comfortable.  she told us, " its a miracle. the blessing really did help."  it was cool.  She told us she prayed to God with lots of faith that she wuld be healed. and she was!  The thing is, she wasnt baptized yesterday.  We still have some stuff to teach and she was super busy. PLUS on top of that, we can out of minutes. thank you satan for being a tool bag. 
We found a new family!  It was a mom and her 2 daughters who recently moved from the north.  They were really sad and we taught the plan of salvation.  the mom started crying =(.  so we will try and teach them more this week!
the liahona is so cool!  i flipping love it.  it talked a lot about the second coming and the Lord hastening his work. its true.  the last days are these days!  but more than anything, it made me think about the importance of rescue.  We NEED to rescue these our brothers and sisters.  Bring them to the truth!  
One thing that i felt lots of joy of was yesterday. our branch was filled! almost every seat!  we had some menos activos and recent converts, and ltos of youth.  Our elders have found a mountain of youth that they are teaching.  which you know what that means...more callings for the adults and mroe activity! we still dont have a relief society president.  boo. but we are working on that!
we had a cool experience yesterday. a hermana fromt he ward came up to us and told us that her friends- a married couple and their daughter were at their house a week ago.  they said a "rubiacita y morenita" (blonde girl and brown girl) had contacted them and given them a `pamphlet.  well apparently the wife had read the pamphlet and the husband too i think .the sister from our ward gave them a gospel principles book which the wife read in 3 days an they are hungry to know more. YES!"!!! but...i wish i could remember who it was because we contacts lots of folks. i loose track. the only thing is...pretty sure the family lives in the elders area. but hey planting seeds right??
I read D and C 76 this week. so dang epic. i never realized how scary hell really seems-that nobody really knows and God has shut it up. but i like to look on the heavenly side- i love the descrpitions of the celestial kingdom.  in order to attain it, we have to live the celestial law.  so if anyone hasnt been to the temple that should or can, GO! now.  we need the protection.  
dang the gospel is awesome! spanish testimony time.  to try moms spanish =)
se que esta es la obra del Señor.  Esta acelerando y necesitamos rescatar todos nuestros hermanos y hermanas quien estan perdidos.  Se que Jesucristo es mi salvador, y el salvador de todos los humanos.  El nos ama y quiere lo mejor para cada uno de nosotros.  El es la via.  yo se que familias pueden ser eternas.  Yo se que el evangelio es la unica cosa que puede traernos paz en esta vida.  les testifico que el libro de mormon y la biblia son testamentos de Jesucristo y podemos entender la voluntad de Dios con los dos.  Se apoyan uno al otro.  Podemos recibir respuestas de nuestras oraciones y Dios puede hablar con nosotros personalmente medianate las palabras de las escrituras y los profetas.  Yo se que he sido llamado por un profeta de Dios para rescatar y servir estas personas en Chile.  La obra del Señr nos es facil, pero no he experimentado un tiempo en mi vida cuando he sentido mas feliz.  
 love you all,
happy thanks. 

-hermana emily hanks.

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