Saturday, March 14, 2015

14 de Abril

IM SO OLD. holy cow i cannot believe its the end of another transfer...3 transfers left.  but ive decided that i really like la serena! our area is huge and its a little bit of la serena and coquimbo.  by the way mom, your letter says 13 february 2014.  haha.
we did hear about the fires in valpo yesterday in church.  definitely keep those people and missionaries in your prayers. its all over the news from what we hear and i dont think theyve got it under control.  shoooot.  fires and earthquakes.  my thoughts were i guess its all the more important to be super in tune with the spirit because you never know what might happen next.
well. good stuff and not so great stuff happened this week. for starters, luis didnt get baptized. he still wants to, but he had a few problems with the word of wisdom the day before because something bad happened with him.  
further proof that i live in number 12 grimmauld place?  well. i was in the bathroom one morning when i heard two animals fighting on our roof. it scared me. then my companion tells me,"dont worry hermana. we have two cats on our roof who fight. this is normal." lol. well thats fun. 
i think my biggest fear would be this-being in the shower and an earthquake starts. 
ive been in chile exactly more than a year! 
we did service and painted the house of our investigator luisa.  it was really fun and the next day, sadly enough i was kind of sore. hahaha.
the youth here in la serena are pretty great. we had a family home evening with some recent converts and they bore their testimonies. it was so amazing.  two boys are 15 years old and one helped the other int he gospel-hes in the family of less actives.  the one who helped himg et baptizeds name is isaias.  he is awesome! and he has such a strong testimony of the Savior.  theyre great examples for me..
well thats about it for this week to wrap it up short. we are praying for luis and looking for families. 
im psyched for this week! and my fingers are freezing as i type. 
love you all, say lots of prayers for valparaiso and iquique taht all will be ok.

.hermana hanks

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