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28 de Octubre 2013

yaaaaah po. 
So.  que mas. Even in the mission life, I love halloween.  It just got a little bit witchier being here in salamanca. hahaha.  it would happen that i am in a witchy town on the day of halloween. SWWWEEEEEETTTTT.  basically, witches are the mascot around here.  so thats epic.  shout out to chloe-doggs.  happy birthday! matt sent some pics. shes looking chubbs. prettty girll! hahahaha.
  Aight this week. goods and bads.  lets start....with the bads. For starters.  Carolina.  
We went to teach her a day after church.  Church she was really excited and all for her baptism, and it was cool becauses he knew an awesome investigator of the elders who has been coming for about 3 months.  We went to teach her on tuesday and she sat us down and told us that she doesnt want to continue more with the lessons.  She felt she was being separated from her family and ti went super weird.  I really didnt know what to say in this case.  It was hard though.  She said she loves us and still wants to be friends and that she is going to continue living everything that we have already taught her.  were not giving up on her yet though and we are going back to visit her and review some stuff. Definitelya bummer though.  Lots of prayers that way though.  Carolina is flipping amazing.
  We were illapel, the main city in our zone,a lot this week.  One because of intercambios.  Hermana Valencia and I set a baptismal date 17 of november with a new investigator named Cristina.  Cristina is AWESOME!!! she is from colombia and at the end, i could tell she almost thirsted for more.  We asked her to say the last prayer, and she began to cry.  We have our hopes high for her!
  We then haddistrict conference.  At the adult session, all of themissionaries from our zonewereth ere(and sorrythiscomputer sucks )  .  pretty much the majority there were missionaries.  we sang a musical number as missionaries  and it was awesome!  
  we then returnedto  illapel the next day for the main session.  i playedthe  "organ"( electric pianoy all), and then playedthe   piano for the youthi n singing "mascerc a dios de ti." or in english, nearer my God to Thee.  definitely has become my favorite song in the mission.  it was so cute!  little jordan, who is 12 years old, got baptizedjust over a month  ago.  he came and sang too.  he came to the conferencewith us. i love jordan!  we are hopingto get his mom baptized, and his dad too as soon as they get marriedin f ebruary.  jordan is my little soccer buddy.  we play soccer on lunes with the elders , and some of other peoplei n salamanca.  it was fun too because jordan got a triple and a bible and was super excited about that. i lovet hat jordan!
  the scriptures are freaking SWEET! man nobody couledh ave written a better book. first of all, who wants to read the book of lehi??? this girl right here in chile!  i started reading from the book of mormon in spanish and english for studies and DANG lehi is cool.  all his awesome visions.  the tree of life is one of my favorites for sure.  i was reading in 1 nefi 15 about nefis vision.  ok seriously studying this stuff in depth blows my flipping mind!!!!  ill go more into this next week.  lehi-is-awesome- rant. 
  im diggin the chilean food.  lots of rice, chorizo, eggs, tomatoes, and salad. the salad is good because its super fresh and instead of dressing, its just lemon with salt. so much better in my opinion.  and of course, completos and avocado (palta se llama aqui).
  the language is good. i like speaking spanish! whats good too, is that i really can understand when i use it and talk to people. spanish is the superior language.  
   a lot of people tell me, "abrigese!" when its really cold outside and i dont have on my jacket (obvio. im from colorado).  or they always use, "po".  my companion uses, "pi".  colomiban style i guess. 
  hermana bravo is cute. shes 22 and has been out for 5 months.  she has a different accent and colombian accents are really pretty.  shes really sweet and worries about others always before herself.  good example to me. 
   wel love you all. 
cuidense mucho.

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