Saturday, March 14, 2015

20 de Enero

this week went well. we had interviews which were super awesome!  we always recieve lots of animo from presidente. 
i did finish the ephraim hanks movie. loved it!  
this week went super well. weve seen a few miracles starting to happen down here in burning hot salamanca.  
for starters, we have a baptismal date with our investigator named Paola!!!!! i was so excited.  what made it better was she went to church yesterday too.  we felt so blessed yesterday!  Paola is amazing. she cant read, but her grandson favian, who is 11, reads to her.  we are hoping for 2 of febrero for a baptism!!!!! AHHHH. Javier is a little bit more tough, but we are still working wtih him.its fnny. somtimes their friend is that their house and he tries to speak english...but the funny thing is, he speaks it to my companion who does not speak english. guess she looks a bit american
we fasted this week and boy have we seen those blessings come.  we also found a new investigator from Peru. we invited her to be baptized as well.  she has had lots of problems and before has met with missionaries many times, but each time, there have been obstacules int he way. we explained to her the importance of prayer and that its satan trying to keep her from doing whats right.  she is awesome, bt her life is really sad. she has a little girl and they are pretty poor. i want to help her! the gospel is the thing that is gonna help her the most. 
our other new investigator who is very interested is alexandra. good news...shes married! another miracle of the week. 
in district meeting, as all are latinos except me, they have to do prayers in english. i tried doing the missionary handbook thought in english to help them...but it was a fail. as you all know from our lovely experience in christmas. writing, reading in english, no problem! speaking is another story...
transfers are next week. i sure hope i stay!!! but we will see. 
love you all! 

-hermana hanks

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