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4 de Noviembre 2013

Mind about to explode.  Cambios are this week and the week after next cambio is Christmas.  whatttt??? si-p.  our district leader will probably go, but we might just all stay where we are.  Our district is awesome!  i was joking the other day that i like being the only gringa in our zone and dont want any other gringos entering my territory. ahahah. I feel cool too because ive only spoken spanish the 6 weeks. 
Anyways, thanks for writing me this week!  Glad to hear you are all doing well.  
WELLLL entonces. This week. Halloween.  It was pretty cool.  My companion and I bought candy (the candy in Chile is not the candy in america...haha).  We decided we were just going to do street contacts  and give out candy as part of halloween. Or like, trick or treat inside out, and knock doors, then give them candy at the door. something like that.  unfortunately, we didnt have much time to contact, but we did give out some candy in the street.  hahaha. and here i am being the stranger handing out the candy to the little kids.  
BAPTISMAL DATE RESCUED!  we went to visit carolina and talked to her.  she told us she knows the church is true, but didnt want to continue because she doesnt want to be separated from her family, stuff like that.  we pulled out the scriptures and there ya have it!  shes getting baptized 17 of november. at least, thats what we are working for!  
also, Cristina!  la colombiana. She is awesome, but she hasnt read or prayed much.  Still, we are pretty sure she will get baptized, if possible, this month.  We taught her the plan of salvation, and she understood it well.  I used my little drawing things.  Visual learning.  good stuff.
We are teaching a family now too.  Theyre a little harder to get ahold of, but we taught them the first half of the restoration.  THeir 11 year old daughter fernanda, told us she prayed (in the way we taught her), when she was afraid at night, and she said she felt a lot better. power of prayer folks!  theyre awesome. 
oh man!  it was wicked awesome.  we were at an investigators house this week, when all of the sudden before we were about to give the prayer, she said,"escuche!" to listen.  and we all paused.  the wall started shaking, getting louder and louder.  we heard something fall from the kitchen and crash and shatter.  Then it got louder and lasted about 10 seconds at least.  Our investigator started to scream and we all ran for the front door.  We saw the other neighbors in the doors of their houses too.  We all thought it was gonna be a real life earthquake, but not quite.  Anyways, it was an epic temblor.  ITs weird because after a temblor, you kinda feel shaky and think everything is a temblor.  We later heard that its been tembloring all week and there is a warning or something for an earthquake in concepcion.  But ya never know. hahaha. for all we know, the sun is shining and salamanca is back to normal now.  we had a few cloudy days last week. (is this real life?!)
yyaaaaa-po.  My comp and i are good.  We run each morning in a park nearby, so thats super fun.  
We taught lots of inactvios this week.  It went well.  Hermana Bravo is a really good teach and I have learned a lot from her!  I feel like it helps because i can understand mostly what people say.  In that way, its easier to teach people and not lessons (thank you PME), and show people you care about them.
The youth in our branch...are AWESOME! i love them all.  the elders baptized 2. 
One of the girls baptized, her sister was going to be baptized too, but was afraid of the water and began to cry =(.  she is only 9 years old and is super cute.  She didnt go thru with it, but hopefully next week =).  After her baptism, i was playing songs on the piano, and her mom and her asked me to play the spirit of God for her.  (her mom is an investigator too, but cant get baptized yet! but it awesome. practicalyl a member!)  anyways, it was fun because she seemd to calm down a little bit after that.  
One of the blessings of being a missionary down here is that i get to play piano everywhere.  I love it!  I love playing the piano so much now.  Im almost obsessed. hahaha. its so much fun, and th members like it too.  
im glad to hear the race went well!  Thats awesome.  Ive been praying lots for justin too.  <Crazy how time flies.  in 23 days, ill reach my hump day mark. flippin crazy!
love you all lots!
sorry i havnet sent photos.  ive been having difficulties getting a card reader.  
-hermana emily hanks

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