Saturday, March 14, 2015

24 de Marzo

Crazy week this week!
First of all, i guessed correctly. i got sick with sore throat and a cold.  luckily i beat the cold! we didnt have to stay in the house. yay!
in chile, lots of folks have high fences surrounding their house, so its common if theres not a doorbell, so shout,"aloh!".  when one has a sore throat, it makes for some good laughs.  hahaha. 
my comp hermana weist is from roseville california.  we have decided that our house is infested with spiders and ants.  i found proof that this guess is true because we have one room that has a pile of junk-artifacts. i have noooo idea where they came from.  but today for pday, we are going to clean the heck out of the house...its nasty.  I had the pleasant suprise of walking into my room after showering to make my bed and there was a HUGE spider in it. yep. hello horror story of my life.  spider busting will be happening today. 
our house is also super old, and it reminds us of number 12 grimmauld place in harry potter. 
The area is a little bit harder to find new investigators.  We are trying to work with the members and have family home evenings with them to help them invite their friends.  this areas a little bit more well off, so thats whats up.  but the members are nice. 
We visited lots of menos activos.  We didnt see the familia alvarez this week-couldnt find them, but left them a note reminding them about church. THEY CAME! and their dad who isnt a member.  also, we visited two other women.  one is angela who hasnt gone in 10 years. she told us she is going to go this week and we told her wed go together. we started walking to her house and saw cute little angela walking towards.  
anther was a lady named guillermina. we talked to her on saturday and she said as we were leaving, "see you tomoroww. im going to church." kapppaaa!!! she came!!!
blessed to see these menos activos starting to return.  its amazing!
we are really going to try and find more new investigators this week and get them to church.  
OH!!!! great news!!! cristobal-our investigator in salamanca-is going to be baptized!!! he passed his interview!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! i wont be there for that baptism, but it doesnt matter!!!!!!
well. love you all!

-hermana hanks

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