Saturday, March 14, 2015

3 de Marzo

Como andan??
I am so old...i am so old....=(
this was the first birthday that i didnt want to come!!! goodbye juventud.  lol. but my birthday went well.  we went to a members house for lunch.  my companion and i this week (procrastination..we are tired in the night. haha.) are going to have a "pijama party" (how hermana martinez says we have lots of mattresses in our apartment...hehehe. and my comp makes good tortillas, soooo that will be freaking epic. 
i DID recieve the fake snow! lol. i thought,"oh mother would put htis in just for me." also, im kind of obsessed with the dolls. my district and i had an activity and ate candy with them. love.
It was a good week this week!  We have been finding lots of people, or rather, a ton of people have been contacting us oddly enough.  we have found families, in the country and in salamanca.  its been a miracle really!
with cristobal, we didnt teach him all week until saturday.  we offered to go to church with him and pick him up, but he said he would go with some other members who are his friends.  anyways, that day we were fasting and i prayed and prayed and prayed that he would come.  we called him that morning to remind answer., when we got to church, we saw the members who were going to go with him and they said they havent heard anything from him.  i thought i would feel super disappointed, but i felt happy.  the chapel was once again filled! 3 sundays it was been filled a lot.  and it was fast and testimony day, so even better!  people shared their testimonies and shared that they were so happy that there were so many people in the chapel. it is truly a miracle.  i decided to go up because transfers are in a week....and its my fourth transfer here in salamancers.  as i was giving my testimony, GUESS WHO WALKED IN?!!!! cristobal!!!! he came on his own!  i felt like flying. hahaha. it was a miracle!!!!  anyways, we taught him the word of wisdom. hes a stud. totally wants to change his life! we are hoping to baptize him next week, but we will see. 
one of our investigators, the one with cancer, passed away this week. i felt for that family...she had 3 little boys whom we really love and they are all under 13 years old.  the family told us it would be good if we could pass by and continue teaching the little boys.  almost ripped my heart out thinkign about it...
we brought hermana alejandra-the investigator to one of our citas. holy flipping COW. she has such an amazing testimony.  it strengthened mine a lot. i love seeing her so excited to share the gospel with other people!
i freaking love salamanca...i cant imagine myself in another place, and yet next week are transfers...we will see. 
ive learned a lot here in salamanca.  i feel like here is where i learned to become a missionary.  i learned a lot about love-maybe im not somebody that says,"i love you" all the time, but i learned that i do love more than i think. i love these members here...i think im starting to understand a little more about the love of the Savior.  
how we witness so many miracles! im so greatful for my Padre Celestial.  he truly does bless me.  
lots of love!

-hermana emily hanks 

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