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18 de Noviembre 2013

18 de noviembre
I looked at my watch yesterday and saw "17" meaning 17 of november. obvio. didnt forget. happy birthday erika!
Whew! im so glad to hear everything went well!  that is such a relief.  God really is a God of miracles. its amazing!  i hope justin continues recovering well and that when i get back we can do some rock climbing still and stuff. 
our next zone conference is in december sometime.  probably like the beginning and im pretty sure its with president, so we shall see. im guessing it will probably be more like 3 months instead of 3 weeks, but ya never know. 
You asked me, how do i stay cool during the day when its so hot? well. to be honest, you pretty much just hope people let you in their houses.  ive been applying good rounds of sunscreen this week.  We buy lots of bottles of water, or i use my filtered water bottle, but they only stay cold for about 1 minute.  i bought an ice cream bar this week. that was one way to help too.  other than that...
so. 9 days till my halfway mark. ummm crazy? i think so! its p├ássing by too fast!  on intercambios, hermana valencia has about 10 days more than i do, so we took 9 month pictures togteher.  mine is more 8.82 month picture, but ill take my 9 monthy when that day comes. about another week and a half.
well yeah. this week! carolina came to church yesterday!  soo if all goes well and idiot face satan doesnt do damage, we will see a baptism next sunday. SO EXCITED!  Carolina is awesome. shes like a favorite cousin.  I love talking to her and hearing all she has to say.  
We had intercambios with the hermanas in illapel.  I went to illapel-about an hour away.  We had lunch with a member there and the lady told me i had a colombian accent. hahaha. i felt so cool.  My companion and i have started to share vocabulary and accents i guess. 
I gave a talk in church yesterday!  i have this thing where i like to use my hands a lot when i teach or talk, and ended up using them in my talk too. i looked over at my companion and could see she was holding back a smile-as we both know i like to use my hands. i thought,"oh no." hahaha. we had a good laugh about that. but my talk went well! it was about missionayr work-but i talked lots about the restoration and being firm in testimony.  one of the youth came up afterwards and said she wants to go to an appointment with us this week.  recruted one!
we had zone conference. it was alright. i liked one thing the hermana leaders said-about talking to people about the spirit in the first lesson and how they can recognize it better.  we applied it a bit this week and it went well! thank you galatians 5 22. 
We have seena  few big spiders, but ive never seen any snakes.  im sure theyre around here. to be honest, i kinda forgot snakes existed. i forgot lots of animals existed except horses which we see a lot, dogs, and cats.oo! and a few parrots.
hermana calderon (aurelia) gave my companion and i a mini christmas tree this week!  it was possibly the best thing ever! i was going to be really sad if we couldnt find a little one to decorate.  it just feels weird being in the supermarket with it being 100 degrees outside and "santa claus is coming to town" is on the radio. (yeah-weird. kronk).  
ooo! so catalina. catalina is the girlfriend of alexis-living together in bypass (part of town.) we taught her like 4 days in a row, and its cool. we have seen catalina change little by little the last few months. we taught her the law of chastity, and she realized that she has to make some changes in her life with that. anyways, we invited her to be baptized in december!  we have lots to teach her still, but she is awesome.  Im psyched!
We taught Carla and Jesus. Jesus is a menos activo-ah. less active. and he wants to return to church and all.  we have become good friends with carla, and taught them L1 with alma 34-32. it went awesome. carla now has the desire to read and know for herself. but i really want to see progress with her! 
scripture study continues to be awesome. i have become such a study nerd. ive been reading the 4 gospels, but ill write more about that next week.
Well that pretty much sums it up for this week!  good week it was. flip i cant believe its already almost december! whaatttt!??
ok. that is all!
i love you! 

-hermana emily hanks

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