Sunday, March 15, 2015

7 de Julio

como estan?
this week was good. natalia is super psyched about being a member of the church and thinking about serving a mission. as well as our other investigator beatriz. in ingles classes this week, she whispedred to us,"hermanas. quiero ser misionera!." translation. she wants to be a missionary!  so shes looking at other places where she can live and when she does, to the baptism water!
happy 4th of july. it was cloudy here. haha. yes i forgot to wear red, white, and blue. but i did see a little random kid in a colonial outfit waving a usa flag. i thought,"what country is this again?"
i think im getting sick. my throat is starting to feel super constricted. if thats the right word. 
well things are going well here.  we are trying to find new investigators and we are trying to work lots with the members, doing community family home evenings.  im finishing the book of mormon. IT IS AWESOME. book of ether.  crazy secret abominations. intersting that from the beginning of the world, the fight has always been a fight for freedom and ageny. 
interviews with president this week! yay.
con amor,

-hermana hanks

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