Sunday, March 15, 2015

16 de Junio

chi chi chi le le le viva chile!!!
woooo. yay world cup!!. unfortunately, we arent permited to watch it, but we hear about it from all the folks.  its pretty epic though!  everyone is super psyched about it here. the bad thing is, nobody recieves us during the games of chile.  
Happy fathers day dad! i did not forget, dont worry!  
well this week was awesome. sunday was the best day of my life.  we have been praying lots and fasting for our area, talking to lots of people. ive been trying to make my contacts better and really try and show love and charity to those with whom i am contacting in the street and in their houses.  still though, we havent found too many new investigators.  on saturday, i prayed specifically that miracles in this area would happen, and wow did the Lord decide to bless hermana hanks.  we arrived at the church yesterday.  the other hermanas in our ward tell us that an investigator is here who just moved from santiago.  she was listening to missionaries before and wants to get baptized.  it was cool because she lives with her mom who isnt a member.  we contacted her mom about 2 months ago and gave her a pamphlet.  natalia (investigator fromsantiago) told us she was praying that she would find us and that is when she saw the pamphlet with our number and address of the church, etc.  then we had great news from luis that he might (as of this week) be living in his house legally, so he can also get baptized maybe! then a lot of members went to church, more than usual.  and THEN, we ate delicious lasagna, a rarity in chile. wow. i learned a great deal about patience and diligence with that.  
i was studying one morning and my table started moving and the wall. just a little temblor. it lasted about 5 seconds. haha. 
we also had mission conference in viƱa!  we left at 1 in the morning, i pretty much didnt sleep and pulled an allnight and an alldayer. we were in vina for 3 hours, and returned. it was so fun to see everyone! i saw hermana bravo, martinez, hermana call, zimmerman, etc... and a lot of my elder friends as well.  it was like a great big family reunion!!
elder robbins from the 70 spoke. he is a stud. it was like a question answer thing.  i liked a lot about what he said-he spoke about really following the spirit-as well as in planning. then how we can use the atonement as missionaries, and i learned a lot of cool things that i never knew before!
well.  that was pretty much it. good week!
love you all,

hermana hanks

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