Saturday, March 14, 2015

3 de Febrero

Que masss.
I am going to share the exciting news first!!!! PABLA got baptized yesterday!  it was the best.  we got super worried because all last week we couldnt find her. then after the trial of our faith, we taught her every day this week and she got baptized yesterday. Its pretty amazing.  we taught her the commandments and i realized how humble she is, and has lots of faith.  we taught her about tithing, fasting, and everything...shes so awesome!  she told us that her family was asking,"are you sure you want to be baptized?" questions like that.  she told us,"me siento bien. me siento paz y tranquilidad." or to translate, i feel good. i feel peace and tranquility.  (losing my english ability of spelling...) anyways. it was truly a miracle in the branch yesterday. not only were lots of people in sacrament meeting, but lots of people stayed afterwards for the baptism, almost all the members!  such changes we are seeing here in salamanca!  and pabla has so many friends in the branch. we were so happy!  
ive realized that i have a deep love for goat cheese, or here,"queso de cabra." ah! i dont know why i like it so much..hahaha.  hermana martinez and i love tortillas and cheese here.  i feel like im in college. 
illapel-the main city in our zone, totally reminds me of pocatello from a distance. but the houses are completely different. lol. 
My companion is suuuppper argentinan and it is so awesome! she speaks with such a strong accent, its now attatching to me.  for those who dont know the differences in accents.  spanish, when one says,"ella," its like "eya." hermana martinez and i say, "esha." 
elder araya got transfered!!!  the costa rican. he is the best. we got a new elder from utah here in salamanca. so now im not in a district of only latinos.  this will take some getting used to! lol. 
i freaking love my companion!  she is probably one of my favorites.  she is only 3 months older than me and we both have big desires to study cool stuff and everything.  shes totally one of my best friends!!! we have so much fun. 
well thats pretty much it. love you all!

-hermana hanks

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