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11 de Noviembre 2013

11 Noviembre 2013
Hollla familia.
 I almost started writing this is spanish today!  shoot. ive been doing some journal writing in spanish lately and its taking over.  
I love the pictures of the race!  That is so awesome!  Dang I love my family.  Its awesome that there are so many awesome people to help support.  Ill be praying lots tonight for justin...
So this week in Chile.  It was good!  We have been having these odd spurs of clouds.  its nuts.  one day it looked like it was going to storm and rain.  so decieving...its been a nice change.  But today we are back to the sun sun sun. 
Last week on pday, we went hiking. it was so fun.  they have these crazy vine trees, and i may or may not have climbed one of them.  yay life.  the mountains here are quite magnificent.  There is a huge mountain named Mt. colorado here.  what are the odds of that?  totally divine that is. 
We taught lots of investigators this week.  we also contacted in the street lots.  i actually really like street contacting-not door to door so much, but just talking to folks on the street.  its so much fun.  
We taught an inactive named Isabel.  Shes pretty much forgotten a lot about the church and a lot of her testimony.  its sad because she has two little girls and her husband and her have been inactive. We asked her if we could watch a movie with her, and she said yes.  Jose Smith, profeta de la restauracion works like gold!  i love that movie.  We saw that Isabel was crying and afterwards, some stuff came back to her and she remembered about the saints and their sacrifice and all.  it was cool.  we emphasized perserverence with her as well. 
we also taught carolina!  carolina brings me so much joy. shes like a favorite cousin.  we talked about the word of wisdom.  she told us she has a problem with tea, but the next time we visited her, she showed us her new box of herbal tea.  
As probably every missionary thinks, i want to go to the temple so stinking bad.  ITS SO COOl.  someone gave a talk about the temple at church, or somewhere, and said that we need to go more because the temple is close by. aight folks, the temple in chile is like 6 hours away.  (foco to slc).  they said before that the closest temple was in brasil!  can you believe that?  and i thought, dang. i will have a temple 5 minutes from my house when i get back.  i wanna make a goal to go as often as possible when i get home! theres so much to learn and so much work to be done for our ancestors.  salmamanca. i tel ya, ive learned lots about the importance of family history. cool stuff.
ive been reading a lot in the new testament, a little bit of mathew and juan, ok and a little bit of revelacion.  i love reading the new testament about the life of the Savior.  Plus, i have decided that John is possibly one of my favorite writers ever-his writing style is flipping amazing. I read about the Savior and Nicodemus, and the Savior and the samaritan woman at the well. It amazes me how in little events such as these that the Savior really did teach, and despite those who persecuted him, people followed.  
I also read doctrine and covenants 138. MOST EPIC CHAPTER EVER! well, one of them for sure.  it talks about the spirit world and every awesome spirit that ever lived and its just amazing in general. i would defin9itely invite everyone to read that chapter.  
hermana calderon gave me a huge book to help when i study the new testament.  it was as if Christmas had come early!
Ok im super crazy for studying right now. i love studying. i love it!
I taught relief society last sunday. that was fun. i taught about the attributes of Christ, focusing on love and charity. i want to be a gospel principles teacher when i get back. ohhhh that would be so fun. 
Other investigators??? we taught alexis and catalina again!  sometimes theyre hard to get ahold of.  but it went well. Alexis is the cousin of ramon who got baptized a few months ago.  They both realize they need to get baptized.  Alexis has changed a lot over the time and he is really starting to understand the scriptures.  We left them with a law of chastity pamphlet, as we didnt have time to teach it.  were going back to teacht them tonight and we will see if they read it.  
cambios-our zone leader iddnt call until 10.30 that night. you can imagine how ansy we were to hear what was going to happen. but hermana bravo and i are in salamanca another transfer! 
well i think thats it for this week.  i love yall.

-hermana emily hanks

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