Sunday, March 15, 2015

18 de Mayo

sorry i am so bad at writing! 
this week was crazy. we had a conference de zone and we learned a lot. it was great! 
its freezing here! my bed is literally an ice cube.  i wear 4 pants to bed and 3 shirts including my sweatshirt. people in chile do not have indoor heating or insulation...but its all good. i slept next to the window in rexburg with a heater that didnt work so great either!
this week, few members went to church, but we had the miracle of two investigators whom we had never taught come. their names are beatriz and patricio.  theyre super awesome and we are going to go teach them in tuesday!!  
we had an activity in our ward.  not many went, but it was kind of last minute.  it went well. one of our less active members came!  it was funny. we were going to make popcorn fo rthe dessert and our mission leader comes in,"hermanas. we have a problem. there is no gas." so we couldnt make the popcorn. luckily we got our hands on some completos (hot dogs with avocado, tomato, and hotsauce) to give out. 
my companion and i were totally craving tootsy rolls this week. i dont know why...hahahaha. 
we taught our investigator marisol and her daughter francisca.  francisca is 8 and has a lot of questions.  they are both really receptive, and we are going to pass by more this week.  
our area is huge! and not only that, we only have half of the ward.  
i freaking love the book of mormon. i am reading about alma and amulek right now when they confound zeezrom.  its so cool to read chapters like these as a missionary because you see it from a missionaries perspective. 
i also am reading in the acts as i told you.  i love the mission stories in the acts, and the bravery of the apostles.  scriptures are THE BEST!  im working on studying the doctrines of each lesson again. 
love you all!


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