Sunday, March 15, 2015

4 de Mayo

como estan??? 
well this week was an adventure.  we couldnt find our baptismal date family this week! until last night we finally found them in the house.  which was a giant relief.  the bad thing is, is that they have a grandpa who is visiting them (luckily.)  Hes  slightly sick in his head, and is jehovahs witness and i dont think he likes that we come to visit them a lot.  in our interviews with presidente, my companion told presidente about this man and he told her to make him cookies. so we are going to make him cookies and pray lots!! haha.  we street contact lots. i like contacting!  every contact is different and if its sincere and you ask them about their life, its fun.  some people dont want anything to do with us, obviously, but some folks like to talk.  well okay, we are in chile. they talk a lot, but if its under control, its fun! i love talking to people. which is weird, because if you had asked me that a year ago, or two years ago, i would have told you the complete opposite.  we contacted one guy, and explained briefly about the restoration.  it went well! his name was rodrigo. he also accepted a baptismal date-only if he knew it was true.  he went out of town to illapel (yay illapel!) and returns this week. soooo he was pretty great! his mind was blown when we explained that the scritpures were written on brass plates for a wise reason-something that would last 2000 years.  man. the gospel ROCKS.
we taught an inactive member this week.  we shared a scritpure about the tree of life with her- and we said it was like the feeling of the gospel and joy.  she understood super well and then started to explain that now she understands that it is satan who is destroying her family, and she needs to be the one who saves them.  it was so cool. i started looking for the sciripture about not being tempted more than we can bear, and the part in efesios 6 about the armor of God came right before my eyes. It was definitely the scripture to read her, and i read it to her.  she totally comprended and felt so excited to change the course of her family!  she wants to return to church and everything.  in the end, i told her that i didnt even plan on reading that scripture ot her, but i just kind flipped there.  she was in amazement.  it was so cool! 
theres a boy in our ward named isaias. i think i mentioned him a few weeks ago.  he barely turned 16 and he is a freaking STUD.  sometimes my companion and i joke around, thinking about which members would be good to bring for lessons, we say  "bring out the big guns." with isaias. his testimony is so dang strong!  yesterday, we were kind of discouraged because there werent too many investigators at church and he said,"animo hermanas!  por que tan tristes?"  love this kid. he wil be a great missionary!!! the  youth in this ward are an inspiration to me. 
i kinda got bit by a dog yesterday. it was really vicious and when i started walking away it started to bite my shoes, but luckily nothing on my skin.  
i found mexican food here! i was rejoicing like crazy!!!
well....yeah.  Im gonna say a few words in spanish.  i was worried about losing my spanish with my gringa companion because she always spoke english, and i always spoke spanish. but president made her promise that she would speak spanish until the end of her mission. hahahaha. so im used to alll spanish again!!!!  
mi testimonio es sencillo, pero cierto!  yo se que este es el evangelio y la iglesia de Jesucristo.  Yo se que el libro de mormon es cierto y que puede cambiar las vidas de las personas.  Yo se que Dios tiene todo poder, todo sabiduria, y tal vez nosotros no podemos comprenderlo, pero eso es exactamente porque necesitamos acercarnos a El.  El sabe el camino y nos ama mucho.  estoy feliz porque soy una misionera en Chile.  Estoy feliz porque amo esta obra y que podemos progresar y cambiar, para llega a ser mas como Jesucristo y un dia lograr la vida eterna.  
ahhhhh.  las quiero mucho!  cuidense. 
hahahaha. ok and that email i sent you all was a joke!  ill talk to you all this sunday.  we are two hours ahead in time here. so around 5 or 6???
que esten bien.

hermana emily hanks

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