Saturday, March 14, 2015

17 de Marzo

Happy saint patricks day. yes i am wearing a green sweater. and hello lucky gangs of new york...
i forgot you were all going there. 
well here i am in the ciber.  i got transfered on wednesday. it went super crazy. they told me i was going south, so i returned to viña, saw some old companions. then when president called my name, he looked suprised iwas there. he then said there was a mistake in the call and i was going to train in la serena.  most northern part of the mission.  its super different than salamanca, the weather and sun is like california.  im no longer in the hot sun.  the ward is huge, and i feel like im in the united states here. not only that but they feed lots and always give us ice cream. the members are nice. 
my trainee has one transfer in the field, and we are getting to know the area together.  weve foound some good familes incomplete and weve already recieved references.  i guess ill learn how to work with a big ward now so that will be a change.  
my companions name is hermana weist and shes from california.  its fun to be with a gringa.
the chapel is huge...
we are teaching a less active family who wants to get their 8 year old baptized. we invited them to church on saturday and they came! it was cool. one of the boys has 18 years and we want him to serve a mission.  hes gave a really cool prayer-we talked about the tree of life, and he prayed that they would be able to go to church the next day. stud. 
we then have an investigator named luis.  apparently he was grumpy and always prayed to his mom before, but we got him to pray in the name of Jesus Christ, so that was cool. he believes in lots of science-which of course is interesting, but hes super confused. anyways, he came to church yesterday and said he wants to come back next sunday.  lots of members are willing to help. 
its always cloudy here and its super weird.  
someone told us there was an earthquake 18 hours north. craaazzzyyyy.
its so weird. everyone here talks in english and someone fed us brownies there other day. i felt like i was in my house.
i woke up this morning with a sore throat...ew. i think its because im not use to the cold. 
well yeah! thats it. love you all.
-hermana hanks


mostly of la serena, our house,(yes we live in a house!) and my bed...

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