Saturday, March 14, 2015

23 de Febrero

Hola!! que mas.
Everything here is going just dandy!  its actually really cold outside today...(yeah-weird.) 4 more days until my yearbook. boy do i feel old. 
Yes the youth did have efy! its summer here, and they start school again in a week or two.  they all went to casa blanca, near valparaiso..sort of.  they all loved it and are stoked for missionary work. 
its funny! 
Lots of miracles happened this week. again.! 
To start. this week, we were trying to visit some future investigators in chalinga-outside of salamanca.  we were with two young women from our branch.  we knocked the door of a lady who said we could return the other day, and she was opening the gate, when a boy whom we had passed a minute or two back came back and returned.  He said,"excuse, are you people like religious?  preach the word of God and all?  somebody was talking to me before about this stuff-and gave me a pamphlet...and i have lots of questinos about lots fo things.  i think...i think its all true."  upside number one-we have a new investigator!  we visited him this week and he even went to church!  upside number two-he totally bore a testimony in front of another new investigator!  freaking awesome.  
His name is Cristobal.  we taught him the first part of the plan of salvation-because he has all the qustions, why am i here, where i am going, etc...hes super receptive!  he listens super well and in the end we invited him to be baptized. he said yes, and he went to church on sunday!!! i got to teach the class about our celestial family and i think he still has a billion questions, but he said he is praying and reading so that is good!
speaking of church attendance...another good number in the church yesterday!  some of our less actives have recieved callings which is helping a lot, starting to wear suits to church, and even one of the investigators has a calling!  
i saw a dude in the plaza with a wolfshirt.  i thought he was pretty cool, but then he told me,"good afternoon!" lol. cool dude. 
i asked our branch president if i could be gospel principles teacher because we dont officially have one. he said probably if all is well with the manuels.  i like it so i can practice teaching more. LOVE TEACHING!!
The elders investigator-Carlita, got baptized on saturday! they asked me to sing a song for the baptism, so i sang i know that my redeemer lives, the first two verses in spanish, second two in english.  hermana calderon i could see got really choked up.  it was so cute to see little carlita get baptized-she has 11 years and all her siblings are baptized, but her parents aren't members.  
we are still working in el tambo-the coutnry part of our area-we have lots of area in the country.  we were working there this week and went to go wait for the bus to take us back to salamanca.  we waited half an hour and it never came. we got the feeling it wasnt going to come, but knew it had to be for some reason or another. we started to walk back to salamanca, but who stops to pick us up?  one of our new investigators!  and her family. yay!  
the mission life is good. has its ups and its downs.  but i love it!  i love seeing the progress of things-even if we dont have a ton of baptisms here in salamanca, we have seen some great changes and many miracles.  
right now, we are hoping for the baptism of cristobal march 9 this month!!! right before transfers...
love you all! 

-hermana emily hanks 

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