Sunday, March 15, 2015

4 de Agosto

YIKES. trunkies!!!! lets give hermana hanks the biggest scare of her life!!! 
well either way, ill be leaving for vina in 20 days to start the goodbyes.  i thought it was a joke from you guys! but then i recieved other emails from other folks. geez!
sooo...i will probably not be giving my talk august 17. haha. 
well this week was good. mariella finally went to church yesterday. natalia got back from brazil, and we are working with the members in our new branch. SUPER BUENOS ellos.  
the work is going well. i am happy im not going home early! yikes.  hahaha. 
i love you all!
see you in 23 days! =D and not 13!! haha
-hermana hanks

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