Sunday, March 15, 2015

9 de Junio

Que tal!
thank you for sending the pictures mum. you did reinact that picture from 20 years ago very well!  minus the fact that i was about to be born.  im glad you are all having fun! justin said its really hot there.  to be honest, im freezing here. occasionally we have nice afternoon sun, but in the mornings, im using all the clothes i can get my hands on because im so dang cold.  
im so excited for this week!
tomorrow, we have a conference of all the mission in viña. so you know hat that means? roadtrip!  we are taking a bus at 12:30 tonight, traveling to viña, and then probably traveling back. im pumped. elder robbins from the 70 is going to speak to us!
so we have had lots of good stuff happen this week.  we have investigators who attend church each week, but each one has something that is impeding them to get baptized. there are 3 of them. Luis-the one who was going to get baptized about 2  months ago, Graciela-she lives with her boyfriend, and Beatriz-also lives with her boyfriend.  
Luis-continues with animo.  sometimes he gets a little discouraged, but he hasnt faulted a sunday since april.  hes reading hte book of mormon, the only thing is, he has to wait until a few complications with his house and the law clear up.  in the process. 
graciela-MIRACLE! she told us this week that today she is going to the registro civil to take our a date to get married. she wants to get married as soon as possible because she wants to get baptized as soon as possible. shes been going to church for almost 4 years.  shes super excited and said she hopes to get baptized while we are here.  YES. and she invited us to eat sopaipillas this week and they were delicious. 
beatriz-shes reading, going to church, and we taught her the law of chasisty. she wants to be good with God, so she said she is going to try and live it.  her and her boyfriend said they are looking for a place where she can rent and they can live separated.  
it was great. 
weve been a little concerned about beatriz this week. someone in her family has been sending her anti-mormon testimonies. shes been asking us about them and ive been telling her,"do not read those they will just confuse you."  this week, we were walking in the street and the thought came to my mind,"call beatriz." so i thought, "ok!" but then thought, well ill call her in the nighttime.  but the feeling didnt go away, so we called her to see how she was doing and everything.  normal. 
about 2 minutes after i hungup, we recieved a text message from her saying this"Hermanas antes que me llamaran, yo iba a buscar los testimonios de ex mormones en internet, y justo me llamaron...asi que no lo hice.  gracias por llamarme, que Dios las bendiga."  translation-she was going to look up antimormon testimonies and we called her right in time, so she didnt do it. when we visited them, her and patricio(her bf) were both in awe that we had called them just in time. it was pretty cool. 
well, love you all a lot. have a good rest of your time in germany! (bring me back something french.-did i already use that line like 50 times? probably...)

-hermana hanks

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