Saturday, March 14, 2015

17 de Febrero

Happy late valentines day!
I completely forgot until everyone sent me email in regards to it last week. it turns out people celebrate it down here as well.  
we were traveling a lot this week.  we had a zone conference, interchanges with the hermanas from illapel, district conference (as we arent a stake), and we got to travel to the coast!  to los vilos. its like 3 hours north of viƱa.  heck YES. forgot the coast existed...almost. 
anyways, it was an epic week.  first of all-we got to meet our zone.  we have another gringa in our zone now!  her name is hermana macey who entered the mtc the same day as me.  it was hilarious because i tried speaking english with her and we were laughing because my english is so incredibly awkward!! lol. it was so fun to talk to her.  we have a great zone! im excited.  we felt super excited after the conference.  
we then experienced some more miracles this week. because our area is so dang huge with a ton of less active members, its hard to hit every area and every house every day.  my companion and i had fasted that we would be able to have a little bit of the burden lifted from that-as our branch is so small and stuff.  well it turns out efy works miracles!  in efy, they did an activity with the yw and ym that was about missionary work, and all came back bearing their testimonies of how important members must be in missionary work.  it was so cool!  they all grew so much from efy and we brought different yw to lessons with investigators this week. it was an answer to a prayer for sure. 
HA. ok so as i was saying, we have like an hour in bus rides worth of territory to cover-at least 60 miles is our area.  its all field.  one of the outlying areas is called, "el tambo." we have investigators that live there.  we went after the zone conference.  the buses dont pass after 830 in the night. so what happened? we were in a cita, saying the closing prayer. i hear the bus pass by and chao! we had to walk back to salamanca. it took us almost an hour and a half. but turned out to be fun! pretty scenery, sang some hymns, watched some cows...
strangely enough we had some cold days this week. yeah what??? 
in the district conference, elder corbridge talked and elder quentin l. cook. it was so bomb! (satellite.)  elder corbridge spoke about the law of chastity and families. this is something tat is a HUGE problem in chile. yay elder corbrige. int he conference before it started the broadcast, us and the elders and hermanas from illapel sang josephs smiths first prayer in different vocal parts. 
the bus ride to los vilos, aka the coast, is literlaly the ride of death. but luckliy i didnt get too seasick this time.  
pabla continues to be super happy!  there is a different glow about her and she is so happy she got baptized.  we are too!  i think her baptism helped cheer up some members. 
plus, some menos activoes are reactivating. one even has a calling!  YESSS. 
life is good.  i dont know how much time i have left in salamanca, but i know it will be super hard to leave.  weve seen lots of good changes around here, and we are working hard to baptize more.  
im so happy! i love being a missionary. its hard, humbling, requires a ton of faith, but really its so important. im not going to stop being a missionary.  i was thinking so much how the lord really is accelerating his work--and its true. almost every talk now has to do with missionary work-because we really are in the last days and we need to save as many souls as possible. 
well chaito!
-hermana emily hanks

FETCH. i cant believe i have a year in the mission. how fast it goes!

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