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30 de Diciembre

30 de Diciembre 2013
ULTIMA CARTA A MI FAMILIA EN 2013.  que locura esta vaina! 
A new year about to begin!  im not forgetting about new years resolutions.  But still need to make them.  Goal setting. something im learning well in the mission. 
Well....this week was nuts! it was great.  we contacted a billion families and have 14 new investigators and plenty of future investigators.  14 is my record so this week, our goal 20. the mision goal is 7 families each day and my companion and i contacted 15-20 families each.  our goal now is 30 families but we will see!  One thing ive realized about goals is that they make me want to work harder to achieve them.  yay goal setting!
Some of our new investigators are people with some doubts and are a little stubborn, but after talking with them for a few minutes, they softened up and said we could come back because they are interested.  it was cool because we could bear testimony of simple truths.  Thats one thing that ive found-sometimes people ask us weird questions that will just confuse them more, and the thing that i try to do is bear testimony with the power of the spirit.  
Happy birthday mum! forgot to tell you on christmas...
and speaking of Christmas....lets just say most awkward phonecall ever!!!! i mean. in the beginning. funny to see all my family staring at me waiting for me to respond in civilized english rather than chilean spanish.  que locura esta vaina. but hey after 20 minutes things began to warm up.  so fun to talk to my fam!  impressions of the family now? totally different than 7 months ago.  first of all, matt is huge. he could be justin...holy cow and talks super low.  dang.. also, crazy to see jenn there too! yay!!! love my family!
on christmas eve, we went to hermana calderons with the older couple missionaries (absolutely could not remember how to say that one in english...).  that was super fun. we ate a fancy dinner with water chesnuts-(one of my favorite things ever oddly enough), and fish from the south of chile, and then chicken and rice. then of course christmas cake.  ill send pictures. it was impressive.  one tradition that their family has is that they sing songs, and then share their testimonies.  unfortuantely, my companion and i had to be in our pension by 10 so we could only stay to sing one song and eat, then chaoito no mas.  
on christmas, our drain in the kitchen is having problems and water exploded and we had to clean up nasty smelling drain water.  merry christmas emily! haha jk.  ill send a picture of those shennanigans when i load the pictures.  we then opened gifts and went to skype. we ate lunch with a member so that was super fun, but the rest of the day we just contacted and visited a few menos activos.  
we found claritza again in her house!  we helped her clean up a bit in her house, washed her kitchen and everything, then we went to teach her. right before she asked if we minded if she smoked in front of us,"no dont worry." we told her, but she didnt know what we were going to teach her next....anyways, she told us about how she didnt use to smoke, but feels stressed sometimes and just recently started.  we taught her the word of wisdom, and she understood super well.  she wants to stop and said she wants to make the gola and get baptized and all, but the only thing is she is going to be busy until middle of january.  shoot. but still....we are going to make a calendar, gum, and lots of animo!  we also talked about doing a fast to quit and she liked the idea.  so yeah! thats whats new with clariitza-
we went with our elders to teach alfredo. he had read the pamplhet about the law of chastity and understood super well. unfortunately, his partner doesnt want to get married because theyve already lived together 30 years.  we talked about baptism and putting God first and how he needs to pray so that God will help soften the heart of his partner so that they can get married.  He also went to church again the yesterday!  the nice thing with him is that he keeps his commitments. if he says he will go to church, he goes to church. i know that one day he will get baptized one day!!!
we found a new family. it was a street contact. we talked to her briefly and she invited us in and we found 4 new investigators 

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